Tuesday, 4 December 2018

How to Save on Estate Planning Costs?

Estate plans are not necessarily cheap. How much you will spend depends on a multitude of factors such as the complexity of your overall needs, the experience of the attorney involved, and your geographic location, since costs can vary greatly across various regions.
Here mentioned are steps that consumers can take to better understand, and consequently reduce, potential estate planning costs.

Understand What You Need - Before you initiate the estate planning process, have a clarity of what you need. It can be useful to talk to your financial advisor or to do some reading on estate planning.

estate planning lawyer

You would require an advance directive for a durable power of attorney, and a will. Many people also want or need trusts. For most of these documents, you will need an attorney to make sure they are properly prepared and implemented. 

Talk About Money Up Front - Even before the first meeting, contact any potential Estate Planning Attorney such as Liz Durkin to determine how he or she charges. Lawyers may charge by the hour or offer a flat-fee service.

You must ask attorneys whether they offer a free consultation. Some of them may charge for a consultation, but then apply that amount to the ultimate fee if you decide to go forward.
Go for the Right Attorney - The qualities that matter most here are experience and good rapport. You would want an attorney who has experience dealing with situations similar to your own. Since estate planning involves discussions of family relationships, finances, and mortality, it’s essential to choose someone with whom you feel comfortable revealing these details. 

If you don’t communicate all the relevant information to your attorney, you could wind up with a flawed estate plan, leaving beneficiaries with either too much or too little access to assets.

Having a proper estate plan may end up saving thousands of dollars for your family in probate costs.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Planning to Start a Family? Go For Estate Planning

Are you starting a family? Then it is a great time to start an estate plan. Estate planning can protect your spouse or partner and children in case anything unexpected happens to you.

With the birth of your first child everything changes. All of a sudden you have kids depending on you for everything. In such a situation, estate planning structures can help. You should consider setting up a guardianship plan in case you and your spouse can no longer care for your children. Whether you are out of the country for a long time, in the hospital, or anything else. Also, you should think about funding your child’s education or future needs. 

Estate Planning

It may be difficult to think about a time in the future when you cannot meet the needs of your family. Estate planning can help keep your family’s future bright. Even if something happens to you.

Your estate plan can be as simple as preparing a will that leaves your assets to your family. You can use other estate planning structures such as life insurance. Also, retirement accounts, trusts to increase the amounts that you leave for your family’s support. Additionally, estate planning attorneys can help you do tax planning to minimize the amount of taxes owed on the money you save.

When you meet with an estate planning lawyer, he or she should speak to you about your long-term goals and desires for your family and your money. Estate plans are not one-size-fits-all. But yours can help you accomplish your goals.

You may get in touch with Liz Durkin, one of the best Real Estate Lawyer for Estate Planning.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Why You Should Hire Business Transaction Lawyer

Every kind of business demands legal support in order to run business successfully without facing any kind of hardships from others or to keep it safe from legal issues. Bigger companies have different rules that are set according to their corporate guidelines and structure, hence the rules and regulation vary from one company to another. On the other hand, smaller companies don’t have such complex rules, they have simple functioning. A lawyer plays a vital role in formulating such rules and makes sure that the regulations are being followed without any fail. Business transaction lawyer NJ also helps in dealing with legal complexities pertaining to networking, partnerships or joint ventures and also prepare against probable future lawsuits.  

Any kind of legal dispute isn’t appreciated and it is not even welcomes at any stage and any time. therefore, a company needs to have proper strategic planning, so that one can avoid getting into legal troubles that may hamper the reputation and growth of the company. If you are into another kind of business like horses, then you need to connect with equine law attorney NJ

Business Transaction Lawyer

A lawyer looks after the growth of one’s business and take up legal procedures with utmost concentration and care. An expert and knowledgeable lawyer can easily avert situations which might involve expenditure huge expenditures in lawsuits, or take the matter into consideration and solve it accordingly before it becomes hazardous. Due to all these reasons, it becomes imperative to have a lawyer by your side, who can save you from all these troubles and contribute in the consistent growth of your business. 

If you are looking for an expert lawyer, with multiple skills and specialization then you should contact Liz Durkin. She has many years of experience and thorough understanding on many different law fields. If you want a result oriented service, then you should contact her.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

What are The Types of Real Estate Attorney?

An attorney will take care of all your real estate related cases through the whole court process. Such an attorney will make your court process much easier and will facilitate the fast movement of your legal procedures. There are several types of real estate attorneys who perform different tasks.

Real Estate Attorney

Below Mentioned Are Some of the Most Common Types of Real Estate Attorney

  • Dealing with Commercial Property - A real estate attorney under this category is specialized in handling duties such as the protection of the rights of the landlord. They handle many issues including the enforcement of leases, rent collection and eviction of tenants.They will take care of your leasing needs such as negotiating for the lease and drafting, revocation of leases, rent or sale of the property etc.
  • Attorney Solving Property Tax Issues - An attorney will handle legal issues involving the payment of taxes and offer advice on filling tax forms as well as paying it. They will defend you in the courts if you are accused of fraud in tax or any other criminal accusation related to the payment of taxes.
  • Dealing with Land Use or Zoning Matters - A real estate attorney for land use or Zoning will help you with advice related to the utilization of land. Permit and land use license issues will be taken care of by an attorney under this category.
  • Solicitor related with solving cases of Mortgage Fraud - They will handle issues that deal with breach of legal contracts or state requirements. An attorney under this category will also be responsible for tackling issues of corruption.
You may seek the help of Liz Durkin, a well - known Real Estate Attorney to help you resolve all the real estate related disputes.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

What are The Role Played By a Real Estate Attorney?

A Real Estate Attorney can efficiently deal with all kinds of problems that are associated with real estate. If they are left unresolved, they can become quite problematic, therefore, it is appropriate to hire an attorney who is capable of handling these issues. There are several types of attorneys who play distinct roles within real estate law.

A commercial real estate attorney can handle legal issues on commercial property and are specifically involved in protecting a property that may be either residential or business related. They may also handle numerous issues including rent, eviction of tenants, employees etc. 

Real Estate Attorney

Here are few important roles of real estate attorneys in the selling and buying process of properties.
  • They can help in negotiating between the tenant and Landlord and make a settlement, which offers a win-win situation.
  • Property dispute is the major area in which these attorneys often involve. They can negotiate between the parties and find a right solution for the dispute.
  • They can help in the selling of the property. Some are even available for arranging buyers for those sellers who do not feel comfortable with agents/brokers.
  • These attorneys handle divorce property disputes excellently.
  • In case of dispute regarding jointly owned properties, they can settle the dispute with negotiations or any other proper actions.
A Real estate attorney can act as a consultant or an advisor for you. They can use the great service of attorney to do the business fast and efficiently. You can make use of the tremendous experience he has to save your precious time. In fact, they are knowledge banks regarding real estate investments.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Should You Hire An Estate Planning Lawyer?

Is it finally time when you decide what to do with all the estate that you own? Are you looking to sell it or distribute it amongst family members or do you have other plans for it? Whatever the case, planning real estate can be a hectic process and needs you to be pretty diligent and aware of the latest laws and legal proceedings.

Even the paper work associated with any type of real estate planning has a lot of legal jargons present in them and unless you are aware of these you can end up making a mistake.  But before you start worrying about how to go about this process, there is an answer to all your estate planning needs and it is in the form of professional estate planning lawyers.

Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate Planning Lawyer

These are experts that specialize in estate planning and can provide you with high quality and reliable services for your different needs. If you are still wondering whether or not you should hire such professionals here are a few more reasons to do so-

  • They can help you in a number of tasks right from creating a will to designating beneficiaries and even in preparing all your paper work
  • They are well aware of all the necessary state laws regarding estates and ensure that you abide by them
  • They also make sure all the paper work is thoroughly checked so that there is no mistakes or lose ends
  • These professionals will give you peace of mind knowing that all your estate planning needs are taken care of from start to finish 

With such benefits to them you should definitely look to hire such lawyers for your needs